Tuesday, October 9, 2007


i made the mistake of watching deliverance yesterday.... and now i am scarred for life.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

7 days lacking & cloudy skies.

in another 7 days, it will be a month since i have blogged. i was emotionally exhausted from pouring myself out, that i had to take a step back & live. practice what i preach. live what i believe. try not to forget to take care of myself. it's been so long i almost forgot how to do this.... so don't look so surprised that it's going to be in list form...

1. when you put limits on yourself & you fence yourself in, you might just miss something out there on the other side. something better. something you've only heard about, but never experienced to be true.
2. things that are important to you.. things that you care deeply for... those things are worth protecting.
3. sometimes i wish i could swing as high as the sky.... but im scared of heights. scared of falling.
4. you'll find it once you stop looking for it.
5. the answer is not in what you WANT, but what you NEED.
6. steve spurrier = my hero. 2007 is the new 1984. go cocks.
7. 2 of my friends got engaged this weekend. as you all know, there's nothing i love more than a nice engagement ring & a beautiful wedding.
8. i will cement my feet to the ground... & hope it's strong enough to keep them there. dont look up. the sky is turning grey.
9. this is the opportunity. be brave. learn what it means to be courageous. to trust. to have faith. to lose control.

so close your eyes
you can sing this song when I'm gone
it won't be long before another day
we're gonna have a good time
no one's gonna take that time away
you can stay as long as you like
-james taylor