Thursday, June 19, 2008

planes, trains & automobiles.

Big Ben at dusk. Lucerne.
the Eiffel Tower lit up at night.
Rome. the Vatican. The snowcapped Alps.
a town square in switzerland filled with 100,000 people watching a futbol match that could result in a riot in the street.

these are just a few of the things that my boyfriend, John, has experienced in the past couple weeks. He and a friend are backpacking through Europe for an entire month. after hearing bits and pieces of his trip through emails and a few phone conversations, i would definitely recommend doing this if you ever have the chance.

they have been staying in hostiles and hotels and taking overnight trains from city to city. yes they have showered less than usual, shared a room with drunk polish guys who came in early morning from a night on the town, worn dirty clothes & eaten one meal a day in some instances. i think both of them would tell you it was well worth it though.

ive been getting postcards from different cities he has been to and losing myself in emails that describe seeing the sistine chapel, train rides through the countryside and eating enough gelato to make one sick.

although i enjoy hearing of his adventures across the pond, i am more than ready for him to return to the states on july 2 :)

9 days to go.

We'll always have Paris. -Casablanca

Sunday, June 8, 2008

june bug.

10 reasons why JUNE is awesome.

1. Debbie's birthday.
2. my birthday :: aka the most important day of the year.
3. college world series : road to omaha
4. the pool opens.
5. the french open &
7. i get a new phone. thank you verizon.
8. father's day. go jim.
9. it doesnt get dark until 9 pm.
10. it's just another excuse for me not to wear shoes.

it's a smile.
it's a kiss.
it's a sip of wine.
sweet summertime.
- kenny chesney