Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sir, please move up.


weekly tuesday night dinner with virg. we have gotten in the habit of bringing a special guest each time. silas came along tonight. he got to experience his first ride in the volvo (which always leaves people laughing until they cry), hear debbie on speaker phone, and sit in the booth that holds all of mine & virg's secrets. oh if those walls could talk.

p.s. virg started reminiscing earlier tonight about the time i took the picture that graces my blog to the left. it was actually a test shot. my favorite part is that she remembered it was taken last summer at 515 & i was laying on my futon, on the pompuzan cushion :)

i really like this quote... even if it is from superbad.

it was like the first time i heard the beatles.

Monday, April 7, 2008

four birds, one stone.


picking out something for john to wear to the wedding we had the next day. i re-learned how to tie a tie. this picture is special to me for two reasons... he never lets me take pictures of him. so this is a rare occurrence. i will even go as far as to say a gem. also, i am wearing his most prized possession, the ohio state hoodie.


the bride-to-be opening gifts at Mary's @ Fall's Cottage in downtown greenville. saturday morning the girls attended a brunch there in honor of Allie, the future Mrs. Jon Scott. wilksy & kate came up from cola town for it. the anderson girls migrated north on 85 in the rain. so much fun to get dressed up and have brunch with amazing friends. best muffins ever. favorite part: when we asked jonny if he was excited and he noted the exact number of days and hours until his bride would walk down the aisle, her father on her arm, her eyes on him.


riding in the car with ella & emmy lou. treasuring these moments that i only have a few left of before i move to charleston. nothing more beautiful than the sound of ella's voice singing behind me while we drive through greenville with the windows down.


this is a what a normal day in graphic design senior seminar looks like.
this is what 2 weeks until senior gala looks like.
this is 2/3 of The Trio.
this is the only reason i survived graphic design.
this is trifflin.

forever, always, look at me. - matt wertz

Thursday, April 3, 2008

it's all relevant.

i have a daily routine when it comes to reading. i check the usual blogs that i keep up with. i really enjoy reading other people's stories. hearing where they are. seeing where they've been. progression. change. evolution of thoughts and feelings. i check gmail. facebook. flickr. espn. weather. BB&T. drudge report. new york times. relevant magazine.

today when i was on the relevant website, I came across an article from this month's issue. 5,211 miles of transition by justin boyer. it could not have been a more fitting thing to read. all week i have been dealing with trials. change. deep emotions surfacing. a bittersweet anticipation for the arrival of may 3. tears have been the trend here all week. time has taken its toll on us all. we are tired. worn and weathered. time has put miles and memories on us. built relationships. ties that not even it can break. years spent together as a family. in a home away from home. these are the things that make this difficult. the end of a new chapter. the beginning of a new one. to think that this time a year ago i was writing a letter to one of my best friends, miss lindsey grayce, for her graduation surprise from her momma. time destroys, yet saves us still.

relevant article:

p.s. it took me forever to type this because emmy lou ( my 2 1/2 year old niece) was counting my fingers as i went :)

"me and you and the world" -dave barnes


on an ending note... i have decided to take a cue from a brilliant photographer, mr. blakenship himself, and document everyday of this month. it being my last in college. my last living in anderson. my last with my family in my home away from home. since it is now day 3, here are the pictures from the first 3 days. each has a significance to me. an image to represent my last days at the place i love.


Grier & Chris on the way to the weekly tuesday night dinner @ monterreys. it is the first of our last four. chris spilled his drink on grier's phone & the waiter spilled a drink on my purse.


lauren's mom (michelle aka chelle) and her addressing graduation announcements. t-minus 1 month & counting until we will walk across the front lawn.


today i came home for a dentist appointment. my sister called me because ella wanted to talk to me. "how much longer aunt jamie?" i then spent the afternoon watching Dora and reading books with my nieces. it is in moments like that, i am truly happy.