Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a land not sown.

recently, I realized how self-absorbed I have been. Yes, I am busy with an internship, senior seminar, work, weddings, baby showers, etc. I am never too busy though. Just selfish. i am lacking in perfection. and i always will be. i did used to pray about decisions before i would make them. i know that my judgement alone is not enough. it doesnt stop me from thinking i am invincible & always right. i am constantly reminded that neither of the two are true. it's nice to be humbled every once in a while. it's necessary even. i learned this while reading in Jeremiah the other day. the nation of israel forsakes God. rebels & defiles the One who gave the people the land. fruit. harvest. life. when they forsake God, He curses their nation. their children & their children's children. so on & so forth. Our God is one of grace. mercy. love. but we forget about His wrath. it is then that we begin to forsake Him, turning away from what is holy & right. living for ourselves. i am too often the nation of israel. lacking in child-like faith and discipline.

i remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved me & followed me through the desert, through a land not sown. -jer. 2:2