Sunday, September 20, 2009

58 guthrie street.

i was going to write something insightful, but i think these lyrics are better than anything i could come up with.

The days behind you are haunting
The ones you're living in now
The ghost of your past carries
The weight of your name
Where would you be, who are you
Without the scarring and the heels that stepped on you
That you cling to with all of your strength

An old letter you sent
to help close up wounds that I love to reopen
You can keep on drinking
But never drown out where you've been

The thick skin of remembering
Armor for protection
Let go - freefall - it's scary I know to forgive all of the devils
Let go - i'll catch you
It's scary I know to understand what must be done

-rocky votolato

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the man.

Here we are under moonlight
Words cannot describe
It's clear to me
You're like
The oceans and the light
Try and you'll remember what you used to be
It's clear to me this day will take you for a ride
A place that you once longed to be
And there it is...
-pete yorn

Sunday, September 13, 2009

go forth.

1. play the film.
2. change the world.

for after the darkness, comes the dawn.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

best week ever.

life is full of things that become a black cloud hanging over me. war. economy. death. sometimes i just have to focus on the little things that make me smile. some of them are nonsense, but i am okay with that :)

reasons why this was the best week ever:

1. monday - 2 words: Rachel Zoe. cant miss it. the biggest guilty pleasure of mine since the Real Housewives of NYC & NJ. love me some Brad. and cant wait to hear "Rodgerrrrrrr" and "i die". thank you bravo!

2. tuesday - september the 1st is an important day of the year. it is a reason to haul it to Starbucks & order a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!! this marks the beginning of fall, along side football season, before the leaves even begin to change. bask in the glory & drink it up.

3. wednesday - WAFFLE CONE WEDNESDAY @ TCBY!!! it IS the country's best yogurt & you know it just as well as i do. how recession friendly.

4. thursday - this is the first day of FOOTBALL SEASON for 2009!!! i can hear 2001 now. the flags are flying. let the tailgating begin. oh yeah & GOOOO COCKS! (bonus points: project runway!!)

5. friday - i drive to KY (with debbie) to reunite with my sweet boyfriend :) sheer bliss.

We will often find compensation if we think more of what life has given us
and less about what life has taken away.
-William Barclay