Sunday, July 8, 2007

great expectations.

my thoughts are random tonight. they do not connect. they are not profound by any means. neither here nor there.

i took a 12 day hiatus. took road trips... spartanburg. greenville. lexington/cola. hilton head. spent time with people i love very much. tomorrow i go back to anderson. back to work. back to 515.

the other day ella said to me.... "you gots your ningerfails painted aunt jamie?"
i have it written down in my journal & everytime i read it, i cant help but be happy :)

coming from a once very high maintenance control freak.... if you sit & think about different things that seemed so important or life altering or dramatic...its really not worth it. its not a big deal. we worry so much. petty things steal our focus and beg for our attention. money, school, the desire to belong, routine, plans, etc.

i have found that i am happiest with the simple things in life.
laying in a hammock. dusk. reading books. coffee. the smell of lake water. my poppa's blue eyes that match my own. sweet tea. spending hours in barnes & noble. learning. people's stories of survival. blankets. movies. ceiling fans. riding with the windows down. being barefoot outside. lightning bugs. small towns. southern accents. freckles. listening to emmy lou sing. music videos on cmt. real conversations. familiarity. writing. charleston. when i see the garnet oasis in the middle of an orange desert & i know im home where the gamecocks play. understanding.

you know when you are so full of anticipation that you can barely sit still? that is what i am feeling right now. except i have no idea what i am anticipating. God is doing something big. and i am not asking why, i am simply trusting. i know whatever it is, it will be something more amazing than i could ever have imagined. i have a stirring inside of me. i cannot wait to see what is around the corner.


blessed are you if you trust when you cannot understand. -l.b. cowman

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