Saturday, July 7, 2007

think outside the bubble.

so i have been thinking about this lately. sometimes we are so consumed in a bubble of people or thinking... that we forget to live separate from that. we experience separation anxiety & we dont know how to exaclty function outside of our bubble. we havent balanced what is inside the bubble with what is outside the bubble (aka the real world). community is a good thing. it is necessary. sometimes we take advantage of community. i am guilty of this. i like community that is familiar, comfortable, constant. sometimes i think we blur the lines of community & clique. its so easy to get lost in the grey area of it. we cross over without ever knowing it. i had to stop. step out of the bubble. and realize i made it my life & was not open to anything outside of it. once i stepped out of it & was looking in... i saw that it wasnt worth it... the worries, the fears, the drama, etc. i had lost sight of community & gotten sucked into the grey area & spit out on the other side. i was living my life for what was inside the bubble. not for what was also outside of it. God works in the most mysterious ways. He has been pulling me out of the bubble to look at the big picture for years. and i have resisted. because i was comfortable. im so thankful for feeling uncomfortable & unsettled & restless to the point where i could no longer sit still.

keep exploring, keep arranging, keep shaping & forming & bringing in new perspectives. -rob bell (velvet elvis)

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jerri said...

i love you and i love reading what's going on with you. keep it up. your words are beautiful.