Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the purple huffy.

tonight i was going to blog about Africa and what i have been learning in the past week. i have been doing a lot of research and making phone calls and reading up. i was ready to pour my heart out about the movement that is happening right now to aid Africa and its people.


i have decided to delay that blog for the time being. i lost sight of it when the policeman was standing in our very messy den... filing a report on the burglary of 515.

calm down. there were no guns involved. i have no tales of heroism, armed robbers, ski masks, or a visit from Carl. Jess left at 4 and i got home from work at 5. i parked my car in the driveway instead of pulling around back. not really sure why. i was home by myself, up in amber's loft reading & on my computer. the house was dead silent. so we know it wasnt during that time. i left at 9:15 to go to Chic Fila and CVS. i got home at 9:50. Amber got to the house at 10. when i pulled around back i noticed that the door to our basement had been broken off of our house and was laying on the ground with mine & katie's bikes on top of it. i thought "jess must have cut the grass this afternoon". amber thought the same thing. jess rolls up around midnight... come to find out, the lawnmower was stolen. this is scary for us in the sense that there were less than 2 hours today that no one was here. so someone had to have been watching us and our house. they knew what they were coming for... or so the policeman says... because the bikes are closest to the door and the lawnmower is pushed to the back... so they had to break off the door, pull the bikes out, go into the back and get the mower. they either did it in broad day light, or during the 30 minute span i was gone.


so the cop comes... super nice. did the search. wrote the report. looked around the house. talked to us about an alarm, a new front door, a new lock, a new chain, etc. i suggested the swat team. come to find out he is on the swat team. ironic. he told us to call if we saw anyone walking slowly down the street. he should probably just get a beeper then.... or his phone will be ringing off the hook.

when he was looking out back at everything... he said "they probably didnt take that bike because it's purple". there is NOTHING wrong with the purple huffy. i think i might take it to a pawn shop when we go looking for the mower though.

reinforcements were sent & andrew is here to stay with us. im sleeping in the floor in yosh & ramber's room because kate is in cola town.

ohhhhh the stories that come from experiences at 515 :)

i still wanna know why they didnt take the purple huffy....

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Walker said...

hey jamie...glad to hear you still have your bike. thats the important part, ya know? you do realize that i will be living about a block from you next year right? that means lots of a good conversations for me and you. i hope.